New Black Sea Ferry Service Links Romania With Georgia

A new ferry service will link the port of Constanta in Romania with Poti in Georgia, taking both passengers and freight across the Black Sea.

E60 Shipping

The new Constanta-Poti ferry is operated by a Georgian company called E60 Shipping.

It is named after the European Route E60, which runs from Brest in the far western tip of France’s Brittany peninsula to the Irkeshtam Pass, which forms the border between Kyrgyzstan and China.

The first ferry on this new route will depart Constanta on 27th June 2023, taking two nights to reach the Georgian port city of Poti at the eastern shore of the Black Sea.

constanta poti romania georgia ferry
The Port of Constanta. ©Paliparan


The new ferry connection replaces the suspended UkrFerry service that once linked the port of Chornomorsk in Ukraine with Poti in Georgia.

Located just south of Odessa, Chornomorsk used to be one of the primary departing points for ferries across the Black Sea to Georgia.

However, since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this ferry service has been suspended.

As a result, the ferry route from Varna in Bulgaria to Batumi in Georgia became the sole remaining shipping option for crossing the Black Sea.

Recognising the significant decline of shipping to Georgia by 90% due to the absence of alternative routes, E90 Shipping identified the necessity for a new ferry route connecting the Caucasus region with Europe.

black sea ferry batumi ships
Ships in the port of Batumi, Georgia. ©Paliparan

M/v Vilnius

The new ferry service between Romania and Georgia will be operated by a Ro-Ro (Roll-on/roll-off) passenger ship called the M/v Vilnius with a gross tonnage of 22,341.

The M/v Vilnius previously sailed for UkrFerry on the route between Chornomorsk and Poti.

It can carry trailers, containers, cars, motorcycles as well as foot passengers.

E60 Shipping plans to operate a ferry service approximately once a week in each direction, although the specific departure dates from Constanta and Poti may vary on a weekly basis.

Both standard cabins as well as suites are available for passengers.

open sea ferry boat ship
View from a ferry. ©Paliparan


The fare for foot passengers on the Constanta-Poti ferry is €200.

However, children from 6 to 12 years old are eligible for a discounted rate of €80, and children up to 6 years old can travel for free.

A surcharge applies to suites, with a two-person suite featuring one double bed costing an extra €200 on top of the base fare, and a four-person suite incurring an additional cost of €300.

Bringing a car on board the Romania-Georgia ferry incurs a fee of €500, while the cost for transporting a motorbike is €300.

cable car batumi harbour view
View over the harbour of Batumi in Georgia. ©Paliparan


A new ferry service will link the port city of Constanta in Romania with Poti in Georgia.

The new ferry will be operated by E60 Shipping and replaces the suspended service between Ukraine and Georgia.

While the primary purpose of this new ferry service across the Black Sea was to transport freight, it also provides an excellent opportunity for travellers, which is particularly beneficial for Europeans wishing to visit Georgia or people in the broader Caucasus region who wish to travel to Europe.

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