KLM/Delta: Inverness, UK to New York for 136 GBP in Autumn!

KLM and its American partner airline Delta have a great flight sale from Inverness, United Kingdom to New York in the United States with return ticket prices starting at just 136 GBP for flights throughout autumn.

Cheap deal

The flight deal brings you first from Inverness in northern Scotland to Amsterdam on a KLM flight, where you connect to a flight to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) operated by either KLM or Delta.

Also the return journey sees an intercontinental flight on Delta or KLM to Amsterdam, where you have a quick change on an intra-European flight back to Inverness.


The cheapest ticket price is currently 136 GBP return, which is a great deal for a flight from the UK to the United States on a full-service airline.

Note that although the flights are ticketed on Virgin Atlantic flight numbers, the actual flights are all operated by partner airlines KLM or Delta (Viring, KLM, Delta and Air France have a trans-Atlantic joint venture).

klm sale new york
The flight deal will take you from Inverness via Amsterdam to New York on KLM. ©Paliparan


The cheapest ticket of 136 GBP return does have a one-night stopover in Amsterdam on the outbound journey, which is a fantastic opportunity to discover the capital of the Netherlands for a day.

If you however prefer a quick change of flights and want to go to New York as soon as possible, it is also possible to ditch the one-night stop in Holland and to opt for a ticket with an immediate onward flight to JFK.

This will however involve a slightly higher ticket price (around 20-30 GBP more).

inverness new york klm flight deal
The cheapest tickets from Inverness, UK, to New York, USA, can now be booked for 136 GBP.
inverness jfk
The cheapest tickets do however have a night in Amsterdam on the outbound, although for a slight surcharge you can also opt for a quicker, same-day connection at Amsterdam.

Flight availability

Flights are widely available in the autumn months from September until mid-December. There is an obvious blackout around Christmas and New Year dates, when ticket prices will be higher.

If you want to profit from the cheapest prices you should select a journey with a minimum three night stay in New York or at least a Saturday night.

For the cheapest prices, it is best to book these tickets through third party websites such as Skyscanner and Kayak.

new york brooklyn bridge
You can walk across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge for some fabulous views of the city’s skyline. ©Paliparan


Although travel might not be in the mind of most people right now (and it’s currently absolutely not recommended by us for the time being!), we understand that many people are however searching for holidays later in the year when hopefully the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis has passed.

With this deal, you can profit from an early booking discount as normal prices in economy class on this route can easily run three times as high.

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