Review: Air France/KLM Business Lounge Bangkok Airport

In this review, we will visit the Air France/KLM business lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Getting to the airport

After a short overnight stopover in Bangkok it was time to head back to the airport the next morning for my onward Garuda flight to Jakarta. Just like on my arrival, I again opted to take public transport to the airport.

Being one of Asia’s biggest hubs, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is always teeming with activity and today was no difference. There were some massive crowds on all airport floors, with local businessmen, western backpackers and Chinese tour groups all mingling together.

The departure hall of Bangkok Airport is on the top floor and was fortunately a bit less crowded than the chaotic arrivals hall downstairs and the mezzanine level full of restaurants and cafes.

bangkok airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
Going up towards the departures hall of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport consists of a lower arrivals hall, a mezzanine floor full of shops and cafes and the top floor departure hall with all check-in desks. ©Paliparan
check in bangkok departures
The check-in area of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan
bangkok departures
The departures board – with basically all flights to China being cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak in Wuhan. ©Paliparan
bangkok suvarnabhumi airport
Traditional Thai statue in the departures hall. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
Asian tour group mobbing the Lufthansa check-in desks. ©Paliparan


The check-in desks for today’s sole Garuda flight to Jakarta were still being set up. At around two-and-a-half hours before departure did the five desks, including one separate business class counter and one Sky Priority check-in desk, finally open.

As I was the first in line, I had my boarding pass issued within seconds.

Business class passengers as well as frequent flyer elites can use the security and passport control fast track located underneath the escalators going up another floor, which is the route all other passengers have to use to reach the non-priority security check. As there were no lines at all at the fast track security check I was airside within a few minutes.

garuda check-in desk bkk
The business class check-in desk for my Garuda flight to Jakarta. ©Paliparan
garuda check-in desk bkk
The business class check-in desk for my Garuda flight to Jakarta. ©Paliparan
koen bangkok airport
At Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport ready to fly on to Jakarta! ©Paliparan

Reaching the Air France/KLM lounge

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is simply massive. Even if you do not have lounge access, there is enough to see and do at this beautifully designed airport to keep you occupied.

There are countless of shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as cultural Thai objects and artworks placed throughout the concourses. Once you are airside it really is one of the more pleasant airports in the world.

I was however heading for the Air France/KLM lounge, which is located at the F concourse near Gate F2 on level 3.

bangkok airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. ©Paliparan

Air France/KLM lounge entry requirements

The Air France/KLM lounge, which is officially known as the Air France/KLM SkyLounge, is located one level down from the main concourse. The lounge is open 24/7.

It is the designated lounge for a number of SkyTeam alliance members and partner airlines, among which Aeroflot, Air France, China Southern, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines and Xiamen Air.

For the sake of full information, China Eastern currently uses a third party lounge while China Airlines has its own lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Even if you fly on both of these airlines you may well try your luck at the Air France/KLM lounge!

Other than business class passengers and SkyTeam elites, the Air France/KLM lounge is also open to Priority Pass holders. However, access to Priority Pass holders may be restricted during the peak hours between 9.30 and 11am as well as between 10.30pm and 00.30am when priority goes to actual business class passengers and airline elites.

air france klm lounge bangkok
The entrance of the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
air france klm lounge bangkok
The reception of the Air France/KLM lounge with model planes of some SkyTeam member airlines. ©Paliparan

First impressions

I was welcomed in the lounge by a friendly lounge agent manning the nicely appointed reception desk, which included model aeroplanes of the SkyTeam airlines who call this lounge home.

My first impressions of the Air France/KLM lounge were good. The lounge was certainly bigger than I expected. The spacious lounge also had lots of natural light coming from the big glass windows overlooking the tarmac, which is always a feature I appreciate.

There were plenty of seating options throughout the lounge, ranging from dining tables to worktop tables to comfortable seats in front of the big windows. At almost every seat you can find a power socket, another feature which is unfortunately way too often overlooked by lounge designers. WiFi reception and internet speeds were great too throughout the lounge.

As the lounge was almost completely empty by the time I arrived, I opted to select a seat at the far end of the lounge overlooking both the concourse and the tarmac.

seating air france klm lounge bangkok
Seats in the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
air france klm lounge bangkok
Seats in the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
air france klm lounge bangkok
Seats in the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
air france klm lounge bangkok
I ended up selecting a seat in one of the outer corners of the lounge, overlooking both the tarmac and the concourse. ©Paliparan
bangkok airport
View from the Air France/KLM lounge over the airport tarmac. ©Paliparan

Air France/KLM lounge buffet

At the time of my arrival in the lounge, the food at the buffet was changed from breakfast to lunch. The Air France/KLM lounge buffet is solid, with lots of food choices available. Whatever time of the day you visit, you can certainly grab a good meal here.

The extensive food buffet included both Asian and Western favourites, with some decent noodles and rice dishes available, as well as some sandwiches, chicken, potatoes, salads, pasta and some finger foods.

There was also a great choice in sweet options available, such as cakes and eclairs as well as fresh fruit. The quality of the food which I tried was all quite good!

air france klm lounge bangkok
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
lounge food
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
lounge buffet
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
lounge buffet
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
lounge buffet
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
lounge buffet
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan
air france klm lounge bangkok
Air France/KLM lounge buffet. ©Paliparan


There is also a decent choice in beverages at the Air France/KLM lounge. The coffee machines make a good brew, there are teas available, as well as juices and plenty of soft drinks from the fridges.

The alcohol selection is not bad either, with beer, wine as well as some hard booze available. Unfortunately, the Air France/KLM lounge did not live up to the ‘France’ part in its name as no champagne was available, although the South African sparkling wine was an acceptable alternative.

Also the wine selection could be a bit more extensive than just the single mid-shelf bottle of red and white available.

air france klm lounge bangkok coffee
Air France/KLM lounge coffee machine. ©Paliparan
lounge fridge
Fridges in the Air France/KLM lounge full of drinks. ©Paliparan
wine air france klm lounge bangkok
Red, white and sparkling wine. ©Paliparan
lounge booze alcohol
Booze selection at the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan

Other lounge facilities

The Air France/KLM lounge has clean restrooms available inside the lounge. There are also shower facilities inside the lounge, although given I just came straight from my hotel I did not try them out.

The lounge also features dedicated work stations and massage chairs.

air france klm lounge bangkok
Lounge toilets. ©Paliparan
shower room lounge
The Air France/KLM lounge also features showers. ©Paliparan


As I did not have breakfast (or any other food at all) during the day I indulged quite a bit in the buffet despite knowing very well that on board of my Garuda flight some good food would await me too.

The time in the lounge went by faster than I thought, which is always a good sign. Besides enjoying some food and a few drinks, I also managed to get quite a bit of work done on my laptop.

bangkok air france klm lounge
Drinking a glass of sparkling wine in the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
lounge food air france klm bangkok
An early lunch at the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan
sweets lounge dessert
Enjoying some sweets in the Air France/KLM lounge. ©Paliparan

In short

The Air France/KLM Bangkok lounge offers an overall excellent experience. The lounge has a pleasant interior, with lots of natural light shining into the premises from the large windows overlooking the tarmac and adjacent gates.

There are plenty of seating options available, ranging from proper work spaces to dining tables to comfortable chairs. With plenty of power sockets available and fast WiFi internet, the lounge is an outstanding space to get some work done before your flight.

It is also possible to have a good quality meal at the extensive lounge buffet, with lots of hot and cold favourites from both Asian and Western cuisines. There is also a decent selection of booze available, although unfortunately the wine selection is rather limited and I would have expected some champagne at a partly French lounge!

That said, the Air France/KLM lounge is definitely a solid lounge and is certainly worth a visit before your flight!

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